The Finerie at Fashion First 2016

The Finerie dominated the runway with retro and vintage prints as well as intricate embroidery. 

We were honored to have The Finerie back on the runway at Motif Seattle for Fashion First 2016 Vinyl Vault benefiting The Crescent Moon Foundation.

Photo Credit: Jami Davis Photography
Video Credit: Brett Renville Videography


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• Green print button-up, dark gray tweed sport jacket, dark gray tweed pant

• Black and white long t-shirt, oxblood-and-black zip-up tweed jacket tweed, black pant

• Gray print button-up, button-up vest, dark blue tweed pant

• Polka dot button-up shirt, maroon sweater, light-wash ripped skinny jean

• Rose print dress, velvet print jacket, light-wash multi-colored jeans

• Black fringe trimmed tank, plaid multi-colored cardigan, black leather mini skirt

• Multi-colored jacket, black studded leggings

• White print button-up, black-and-white tweed and leather jacket, black mini skirt

• Brown sequin dress, brown suede maxi-vest

• Black and white lace dress

• Platinum crotched top, platinum and black fringe belt, black leggings

• Black and gold embellished dress, black leather jacket

The Finerie: Fashion First Seattle 2016 from Fashion First on Vimeo.

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