One of the Powerful Females of the Fashion First Community

Terri Morgan of TCM Models has lent her talents from the beginning
Photo Credit: Orlando Castro Jr.

Terri Morgan has been involved with Fashion First from the beginning and appreciates how well-run and charitable the event has been. Terri is the fashionable and whip-smart owner of TCM Models and Talent, as well as, producer of the fashion show at the Fashion First event. We had a chance to grab a few minutes with Terri this week and find out a little bit more about her success as a boss lady and her thoughts on the future female.

What has been the best part of being the boss?  Being able to pick my kids up from school, going to sporting events and field trips. It’s allowed me to still be a mom. My kids are 25 and 31 now, my daughter  thought I was a spy: I’ve always told them they were guilty until proven innocent.

Please describe your style. What does it say about you? On trend, but not trendy. I have things that suit me as a working woman and look good at work. I love the athleisure trend, dressed and comfy with clean lines. I’m sporty casual with not a lot of foofoo.

What advice would you give your 25 year-old self?  I did this because it made sense to me, but I should’ve been bolder, taken more risks, and been more assertive. This made sense and it was fun and I was enjoying what I was doing but I didn’t grow it as fast as I could have. It took a while for me to mature.

Who inspires you? My daughter and daughter in-law. They are energetic, full of life; they keep me young and bring me joy. I see them both with really bright futures.

What does the future female look like to you? Aware, strong, confident in her abilities to have a family and a life… roles are changing. I don’t believe in the stereotypes, they’ve never held me back.

What is the future of fashion? Designers come up with the concepts but women aren’t feeling dictated to. There could be 20 fashionably dressed women in a room and they will all look different. Personal style is one of the things that helps someone be well dressed.  They need a sense of balance and texture… and every woman should have a full length mirror.

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