Meet Another One of the Powerful Females of Fashion First

Brooke Hubbard has been a part of Fashion First for ten years and the team here feels lucky to work with and be inspired by her on a daily basis.  She is the founder of MBMedia, a Social Media and Digital Media business providing strategy and support for businesses and individuals. In 2016, Brooke Hubbard was recognized by 425 Business Magazine as one of the 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs to watch. She previously taught at the Art Institute of Seattle in the Fashion Marketing and Advertising departments. Brooke is the proud owner of two cats, enjoys rowing at Green Lake and loves throwing really fun parties.

What does the future female look like to you? 

I like to hope she is positive. She is someone who is supportive of everyone, not only other women, but of all the people in her life. She is confident in her abilities and her value. She stands tall and feels strong and beautiful in her personal style. She is someone who looks at an issue and finds ways to solve it, undaunted by the enormity of the task at hand. She is fun, social, and driven.

What is the future of fashion? 

In a similar way, I hope the future of fashion is about self expression and self value. I hope for a future that includes trends that are inclusive instead of exclusive. Fashion is an art and to appreciate art we need to be open minded and non judgmental. Fashion is beauty. We need something that recognizes the inner beauty of all the women and men it dresses.

Which designers are you into right now? 

I’m somewhat in between designers at the moment. Not quite ready to dive into fall and not quite ready to give up on summer. I’m hoping to update my wardrobe over the next few seasons with looks that better represent where my business is going. Right now, I have a lot of clothes that are great for a corporate environment, but it is time to break free from some of those limitations.

Please describe your style. What does it say about you? 

I love dressing up but don’t actually do it very often since I work from home most days. On any given day you might find me in yoga gear since I usually go to yoga or out rowing on Green Lake at least 4 – 5 times a week. Still, when I get to dress up, I love wearing dresses with colors and prints. I’m not too into the dark greys and blacks that are more traditional, but have to admit that they are easy when I’m short on time or can’t decide what to wear. If I had to call it something, I think I’d like to call my style some combination of fun, lady-like, and professional.

Why are you involved Fashion First? 

I started as an intern with Fashion First almost 10 years ago. Since then, I have tried to be involved almost every year in some way. I love that Fashion First provides a platform for local retailers and designers to show off the incredible talent and businesses they have developed while also raising money for local causes and local kids. All the time and effort is more than worth it when you see those paddles raised during the ask portion of the auction. It is an incredible sight knowing you played a small role in helping raise thousands of dollars for children who need and deserve it.

What advice would you give your 20 year-old self?

Be open to possibilities. The world changes fast and the best way to find success and happiness is to embrace change as a new adventure and opportunity.

What has been the best part of being the boss? 

The fact that I get to set my schedule. Having a flexible schedule means I am able to take on smaller projects whenever I want to. I also am able to help out with volunteering at organizations that need daytime volunteers. The other part that I love is the ability to work on a variety of projects with many different teams. I love meeting new people and learning about new businesses and then watching them grow as I help them set up and execute their social and digital marketing strategy.

Who inspires you? 

So many people, but definitely my mom. She showed me from a young age how working hard for what you want is the only way to get it. She is an incredibly strong, creative, and dedicated person. And she never gives up. Even today, since leaving Nordstrom, she has decided to take on a new adventure and start her own luxury linen business, Bedlove. She spent 3 years researching and discovering what makes the best linen and has designed and manufactured incredible bedding that is wonderful to sleep on and stunning to look at. She did it all on her own, while working a second job. The site launched last month and I have been assisting with her social media. It is one of my favorite projects to work on.

To learn more about the amazing Brooke Hubbard and the exceptional work she has done, please visit her website at: www.maggiebrookes.com

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Meet One of the Powerful Females of the Fashion First Community

Here’s your chance to get to know a little more about the smart, fashionable and inspiring Ellen Pritchett from Urban Float.

Ellen was a girl from Skagit Valley who was taught the value of a hard day’s work at a young age by working on farms.   Starting at 15 she began working her way up from waiting tables to ultimately become the General Manager of Cantinetta Restaurants; and she’s thrilled to have recently transitioned careers to join the Urban Float leadership team. “The benefits of floating during intense days, long nights, long shifts, and juggling so many responsibilities were exactly what I needed — and I’m thrilled to share those relaxation, stress-reduction, and pain relief benefits with so many different types of people.”

What advice would you give your 25 year-old self?

If I could give my 25-year old self one piece of advice, it would be to travel more.  You never think you have the time or money, but the wisdom of getting older has taught me that investing in experiences is always worth it.

What does the future female look like to you?

A lot of people talk about workplace empowerment and I agree.  But more specifically if I had access to a crystal ball — I’d hope the future female embraces exactly who she is, owning and celebrating her strengths and vulnerabilities, and is never fearful of going for exactly what she wants and deserves.

Which designers are you into right now?

I’m a big fan of Vince, Theory, and Rag & Bone and classic shoes by Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.  And let’s be honest, can a girl ever have too many pairs of Manolo Blahniks?

Why did you choose to get involved with Fashion First?

I love Fashion First.  I’ve been involved for years and even bartended at the first events.  Joan Kelly’s commitment to the Crescent Moon Foundation and Outdoors for All Foundation is why I’m so excited to be a part of it this year.  The Crescent Moon Foundation supports educational pursuits of underprivileged children who support their communities; and Outdoors For All helps children and adults with disabilities experience outdoor activities like cycling, yoga, camping, hiking, snow-boarding, cross-country and downhill skiing, to name a few.

What has been the best part of being the boss?

Leadership is a true honor and a privilege that has to be earned every single day.  I work with a variety of people at all ages and stages in their lives, and I take the responsibility of trying to role-model seriously, as well as learning from the people I work with.

What does your style say about you?

I really appreciate all people’s style choices.  I’d describe my personal choices as understated and simple and that probably reflects a bit of my introverted nature.  I love being around people, but I’m never going to be the most boisterous person at an event.

Who inspires you?

There are a lot of people in my life I look up to, but instead of choosing one person or a group of people, it’s probably a combination of characteristics I admire.   I’m drawn to people who are honest and have integrity, especially in the most difficult situations — that reveals true character in my opinion.  I also try to surround myself with hard-working people who show genuine commitment to giving back to the community and helping others; and that’s exactly why Urban Float is my ideal place to work.


We thank Ellen for being a part of Fashion First again and for being an awesome boss lady we all can look up to. Urban Float is a sponsor of Fashion First this year and we couldn’t do this without them. To find out more about the benefits of floating and find the closest Urban Float location visit: https://www.urbanfloat.com/


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It’s Easy to Make an Impact with Fashion First Beneficiaries

Volunteering plays a large role in the life of the Future Female. She knows that giving her time allows her the opportunity to be an active part of the community, learn new skills, increase her networking circle and make an impact on herself and those around her.

Volunteers are the heart of Outdoor for All and allow people with disabilities to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, biking and rock climbing. Volunteers are needed for day camps and weekend excursions, as well as, for the auction and gala. To find out how you can get involved, click on the link above.


The Crescent Moon Foundation celebrates volunteerism by providing scholarships to those students who show a commitment to their community. The students chosen for one of these scholarships have proven to be an active part of a charitable cause that is close to them. These students want to continue their education and have the greatest need.

To learn more about the great work done at the Crescent Moon Foundation, please click on the link above.


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