Fashion First 2017 – Fashion Forward: The Futuristic Female

This year Fashion First will take us into the future as we celebrate the Futuristic Female

The Futuristic Female is using everything she’s got to make her way, and she’s making it look easy. She reflects grace, irresistible confidence and is a positive light in any setting. We celebrate the lifestyle of these future females and shine a light on the fashions that have stood out through history.

Through these women of today, and the women who have gotten us to where we are, we aim to learn about the new trendsetters and remember the heroes of the past. We’ve picked a few of our favorites for Women Crush Wednesday and Throwback Thursday so keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for those.

Here are some early shots that capture our Fashion Forward, Futuristic Female.

Photo Credit: Jami Davis Photography

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