David Lawrence at Fashion First 2016

David Lawrence will surely turn heads, especially with the mixture of unique and vivid prints as well as the classic metallics and leather that we saw on the runway.

It was a pleasure to have David Lawrence back on the catwalk at Motif Seattle for Fashion First 2016 Vinyl Vault benefiting The Crescent Moon Foundation.

Photo Credit: Jami Davis Photography
Video Credit: Brett Renville Videography

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• Black bralette, gunmetal Moschino overalls

• Neon Phillip graphic t-shirt, cartoon-print Moschino blazer, dark-wash distressed Diesel jean

• Yellowand black dress, black leather Diesel jacket

• Black Sletten swimsuit, beige open trench

• Green and orange Moschino face t-shirt, black athletic pant

• Black and neon skull Phillip graphic t-shirt, black-and-yellow apple tree Phillip jacket, black athletic pant

• White Diesel graphic t-shirt,  blue and black leather Moschino biker jacket, white jog jean

• Black knit and silk barocca Moschino dress

• Black extra-long pant, black and gold puff jacket

• Black and pink silk Moschino peace dress, black tuxedo-tail jacket

• Black leather sport shirt, black brocade sport coat, dark denim Moschino jean

• Black and white silk Moschino peace dress, black studded biker jacket


David Lawrence: Fashion First 2016 from Fashion First on Vimeo.

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