Canopy Blue: Fashion First 2016

Fashion First sponsor Canopy Blue stunned with looks on the runway that made us in the audience start planning shopping trips to the brand’s Madison Park location. 

We couldn’t imagine a show without Canopy Blue on the runway at Motif Seattle for Fashion First 2016 Vinyl Vault benefitting The Crescent Moon Foundation!
Photo Credit: Jami Davis Photography
Video Credit: Brett Renville Videography



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On the runway:

  • White silk button-up, black-and-white trench coat, mid-rise light-wash jean
  • Black-and-white leather jacket, black turtleneck, black leggings
  • Ecru lace off-shoulder blouse, black-and-white pinstripe pant
  • Black button-up blouse, navy blazer, navy pant
  • Black lace dress, black knit sweater
  • White knit turtleneck sweater, olive faux-fur jacket, black suede jean
  • Black leather dress, black turtleneck
  • Black lace turtleneck, black mid-length skirt
  • Black lace strapless dress
  • Red multi-printed sweater, platinum fringe skirt
  • Multi-colored long-sleeve dress
  • Black and gold sheer blouse, black velvet skinny pant
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