Rock and roll influences lifestyles, fashion, attitudes, and language.

The lyrics of rock and roll songs describe events and conflicts that we as listeners can relate to. Music breaks boundaries and expresses emotions that people feel every day but can’t or won’t talk about.

Fashion First: The Vinyl Vault is celebrating how far we’ve come in 50 years. We’ve put a man on the moon, seen the proliferation of the Internet, and experienced the development of the personal computer and smartphones. We elected the first African-American President, recognized same-sex marriages, and continue the civil rights struggle as we grow as an understanding and accepting society. Through all of this, music and fashion have been wonderful equalizers.

Today, we see socially-conscious fashion aimed at engaging customers and making a difference. We have fashion that focuses on minimizing manufacturing’s environmental footprint. And the industry continues to make strides in being inclusive—just like our favorite old rockers who are out for one more tour with packed venues.

Designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren are still rockin’ fashion and retailing throughout the world. Meanwhile, they give back and work to pave the way for up-and-coming designers of all races, beliefs and genders.

No matter who you are, you have a personal style that no one can replicate. If you aren’t sharing your style with the rest of the world, who will?

At Fashion First, we are here to celebrate. So, come one, come all and HAVE A GREAT TIME. Help us break boundaries and feel the rock and roll spirit.

The 13th year of the FASHION FIRST runway show brings Seattle together for the most exciting night of fashion in the Northwest. Seattle-area fashion retailers, designers, stylists, educators, students, style influencers and members of the media attend each year to preview the fall trends for the upcoming season in an edited presentation.

As Seattle’s longest-running and best-attended independent fashion show, FASHION FIRST was founded to provide an affordable, but powerful, cutting-edge social media and marketing platform for the Seattle-area fashion retailers and designers. Now, the show includes a live auction dedicated to supporting the students of the Crescent Moon Foundation. The FASHION FIRST core mission: Present a on-trend fashion show to promote and support Seattle retailers and designers while raising money and providing Seattle students with scholarship money for higher education.

With a wealth of talented local retailers and designers in Seattle, the Emerald City is on the rise as an influential style scene. FASHION FIRST is the intersection where designers, small business owners, and the fashion-forward consumers meet, creating a network of fashion enthusiasts unlike any other in this thriving city. Come be a part of the excitement as the designers and retailers strut their looks down the runway and raise money for this great cause.

The Crescent Moon Foundation

The Crescent Moon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for educational pursuits that will benefit children most in need who have displayed a commitment to their community, as well as other charitable causes. As part of the Crescent Moon Foundation’s mission, the Rising Moon Scholarship Program awards ten scholarships of up to $5,000 annually to students that demonstrate commitment to their community, excel in leadership and academics, and who are in need. The Foundation was established by NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon.

In 2012, FASHION FIRST became an official non-profit foundation 501(c)(6).  This enables us to continue our work, using independent retail as a platform for charitable giving for children in the northwest.   

Core to the mission of FASHION FIRST is to utilize the fashion show to promote and support Seattle retailers and designers while raising money for summer camp, education and personal growth programs for Seattle youth in need. Spend your money locally and invest back into your community!


Joan Kelly, Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Terri Morgan, Fashion Show Producer

Scott Carnz, Contributing Producer

Brooke Hubbard, Marketing Producer

Mandy Domer, Event Coordinator

Lindsey Malo, Associate Producer and Sponsorship Management

Ryan Catabay, Branding Manager

Iris Van Der Meer, Executive Assistant to Warren Moon, Sports 1 Marketing, The Crescent Moon Foundation

Warren Moon, President and Founder of The Crescent Moon Foundation