The Longest Running and Largest Independent Fashion Show | September 18th, 2015 | 8pm


Continuing a 25-Year Legacy

Inspire Youth Project, formerly Rise n’Shine, continues the 25-year legacy of providing the missing social and emotional links for at-risk youth affected by HIV/AIDS, and children transitioning out of familiar environments and supportive communities. Services are offered to youth ages 5-18 and beyond.

Inspire Youth Project provides long-term sustainable support throughout a child’s entire life by the way of a recognized mentoring program, summer camp, ongoing support groups, and a teen program. The goal of this organization is to provide the consistency and nurturing that a child needs in order to grow and contribute to society rather than become dependent upon it. Inspire Youth Project inspires children to gain and maintain hope, while giving them the tools to dream and manifest those dreams. The staff, volunteers and mentors remain at the children’s side and on their side longterm. Inspire Youth Project currently provides all of its programs free of charge for the children they serve.

The Crescent Moon Foundation

The Crescent Moon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for educational pursuits that will benefit children most in need who have displayed a commitment to their community, as well as other charitable causes. As part of the Crescent Moon Foundation’s mission, the Rising Moon Scholarship Program awards ten scholarships of up to $5,000 annually to students that demonstrate commitment to their community, excel in leadership and academics, and who are in need. The Foundation was established by NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon.

Fashion First

In 2012, FASHION FIRST became an official non-profit foundation 501(c)(6).  This enables us to continue our work, using independent retail as a platform for charitable giving for children in the northwest.   

Core to the mission of FASHION FIRST is to utilize the fashion show to promote and support Seattle retailers and designers while raising money for summer camp, education and personal growth programs for Seattle youth in need. Spend your money locally and invest back into your community!


Joan Kelly, Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Terri Morgan, Fashion Show Producer

Scott Carnz, Contributing Producer

Brooke Hubbard, Marketing Producer

Ryan Catabay, Branding Manager

Iris Van Der Meer, Executive Assistant to Warren Moon, Sports 1 Marketing, The Crescent Moon Foundation

Erin Cox, Development Director at Inspire Youth Project


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